For the Press

This season, Huit shines the spotlight on well-being with comfort products with a soft and silky touch (Colette/Jeanne), that accentuate feminine curves.

A soft seduction playing on transparencies and delicate embroidered patterns (Camelia), graphics (Evita), lace inlays, fishnets, starry inspiration and airy flowers on the skin (Mandarin). A contemporary spirit and a desire to be oneself, to feel beautiful, in confidence.

Huit takes you into a warm winter, with fiery reds and roses (Butterflies) which combine with more intense tones, tropical green (Pretty Retro) and spicy saffron (Minuit). Assert your personality in a range of deep colors (Pretty Retro), modern and fashionable designs.

And because your comfort is our priority, we completed this collection by adding trendy micro modal lounge wear pieces (Jeanne) with the Huit sophisticated and graphic touch.